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Police Department

The Elmer Police Department is currently accepting applications.  Applications are available at the Borough Hall Police Department and in the Borough Clerk's Office.  Please view the rules prior to applying:  applicant rules.

The Elmer Police Department is located on the second floor of the Elmer Borough Hall located at 120 S. Main Street. The Department now has an authorized strength of six (6) officers, which provides protection and enforcement services. Click here for the 2022 Elmer Police Department Recruitment Analysis Report.

For emergency assistance,

dial 911.

 Dial (856) 358-3355 to register a complaint, or to ask for general police-related information.

Dial (856) 358-0353 to reach police administration - Police Chief Tim Woods, Officer in Charge -  Press #1 to leave a message.

E-mail:  TWoods@elmerboroughnj.ORG

The Elmer Borough Police Department utilizes Watch Guard BWC (body worn cameras) while performing their duties as law enforcement Officers. Officers on shift are equipped with BWC systems and utilize them during any calls for service, motor vehicle traffic stops, investigative matters, as well as contacts with members of the public. Members of the public should be aware that BWC systems in use record both audio and visual interactions between Officers engaged with citizens.

Police Body Camera

Internal Affairs

The Elmer Police Department is committed to providing law enforcement services that are fair, effective, and impartially applied. Our officers are held to the highest standards of professional conduct and are expected to apply the law in this manner.

It is the policy of the Elmer Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit to accept and investigate all complaints of alleged Officer misconduct or wrongdoing from any citizen or agency employee.

A complaint may be lodged during the hours of 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM, Monday-Friday, as well as 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM Saturday-Sunday.  Officer complaints may be submitted in several ways including but not limited to:

- In Person

- By Phone

- By Mail

- By E-mail

If you have a complaint concerning an Elmer Police Officer's conduct, you may download a printable complaint form and mail it to the address listed below. You may also contact the internal affairs unit directly at (856) 358-0353.  You may provide as much or as little information as you wish and may remain anonymous if you choose to do so. Please keep in mind that providing as much information as possible will be helpful to our internal affairs investigators.

Elmer Police Department

Internal Affairs Unit

PO Box 882

Elmer, NJ 08318


Printable Internal Affairs Complaint Forms

English Hindi Spanish
Arabic Korean Tagalog
Chinese Polish Vietnamese
Haitian Portuguese Instructions

Attorney General Directive 2020-7 Document (Revised Policy)

Attorney General Directive 2022-14 Document (Transparency)

Printable Information Sheets

English Hindi Spanish
Arabic Korean Tagalog
Chinese Polish Vietnamese
Haitian Portuguese Instructions
Elmer Police Department

Annual Reports

Early Warning System Reports

2023- Zero (0) officers entered into the Early Warning System

2022- Zero (0) officers entered into the Early Warning System

2021- Zero (0) officers entered into the Early Warning System

2020- Zero (0) officers entered into the Early Warning System

Annual Internal Affairs Summary Reports





Annual Major Discipline Reports





2023 Use of Force Review Report

2023 Use of Force Analysis Report

Elmer Police Department Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Police Department is protection of life and property, prevention of crime and apprehension of criminal perpetrators. The Department strives to provide the best possible police service to residents of Elmer and to those who work, travel and shop here.

Fingerprinting is available at the police station for a fee of $50. Check or money order payable to the Borough of Elmer (NO Cash/Credit/Debit).  Call for an appointment (856) 358-0353.

The Salem County Department of Emergency Services will provide radio dispatching services to the Elmer Borough Police Department on a 24-hour basis during the year 2020.

2019 Filed Complaints Report

Ordinance #2016-9 Municipal Services  

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