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2023 Tax Sale Infomation

Collection Office (Taxes and Water)

Phone: 856-358-4010 ext. 116

Fax: 856-358-4870

Regular Office Hours:

Tuesdays: 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Water Payments can also be made at this time.

E-mail collector@elmerboroughnj.com is checked frequently.  Voice Mail is checked regularly through the week, please leave detailed messages with after hours phone number.

NJ Division of Taxation's Property Tax Relief web page:

The State Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) can help you pay arrears for your water and sewer bills. The program may also be able to help address tax liens due to water and sewer arrears. To get more information and apply, go to waterassistance.nj.gov  or call NJ211.

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Your property taxes are figured on the assessed value of your property which is set by the Borough Tax Assessor. The rate for which you are charged is based on each $100 of the assessed value of your property.

Your are currently charged four separate tax rates:

The first tax rate is the "Local" tax which is set by the Elmer Borough Council, these funds are used for the operations of the Borough.

The second is the "School" tax which is set by the Pittsgrove Township School District, these funds are used to educate the children of Elmer from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The third is the "County" tax which is set by the Board of Choosen Freeholders, these funds are use for the operations of Salem County.

The fourth tax is the "Open Space" tax.  The New Jersey Open Space Tax Program is a potential source of funding for acquisition and other projects. All New Jersey Counties and their municipalities have an Open Space Plan which delineates areas set aside, or to be set aside, for public recreation use and/or protection of natural, historic or agricultural resources.  Many such areas follow streams and rivers.

The Borough is responsible for the collection of all four taxes. They then provide the School Board and the County with 100% of the amount of monies they are due for the year.


The Current Tax Rate is 3.948, distributed as shown below in the chart.